Guitar chords

The guitar chords at are divided into two sections: basic chords and bar chords. The basic chords are chords that involve open strings. These chords are all positioned near the nut of the guitar. This is a good place to start if you are new to the instrument. The bar chords are chords that you can move to any position on the fretbord. These chords include everything from simple triads to more advanced extended chords.

How to read the chord diagrams?

  1. This string is mute
  2. This string is played as an open string
  3. The nut (where the strings touch the neck and join the headstock)
  4. This is where you put your fingers
  5. The horizontal lines represent the frets
  6. The numbers indicate which finger to use on each string (1 is the index finger)
  7. The vertical lines represent the strings
Chord guide